What Is The Full Form Of pH?

Friends, all of you must have heard about pH during your schooling. At the same time, those who will be from the field of science will also know that pH is used to show the properties of a liquid substance.

But if we talk about what is the full form of pH, When and why pH is used, very few people will have proper knowledge about it. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the full form of pH as well as other information related to it. In this sequence, let us first know what is the full form of pH?

Full Form Of pH

The full form of pH is Power of Hydrogen. Also referred as Potential of Hydrogen.

Meaning Of pH

In pH, ‘p’ originally stands for a German word ‘potenz’ meaning ‘power’ and ‘H’ denotes the concentration of hydrogen ion.

What Does pH Indicate?

Actually pH shows the measurement of acidic or basic nature of any liquid. The scale of pH value ranges from 1 to 14. In which a pH value of less than 7 indicates the liquid to be acid while the pH value of more than 7 indicates the alkali nature of the liquid.

When the pH value of a liquid is exactly 7, it is considered neutral i.e. neither acid nor alkali.  Property of any liquid can detected by the pH value. pH value is one of the important properties of any liquid. The pH value of pure water is set to 7 at 25 ° C.

full form of ph

History Behind The pH

pH was discovered in Sweden in 1909 by the Swedish scientist Saren Pieder. The purpose of the discovery of pH was to find out whether any substance was acid or base. In today’s time, pH value is very important in all fields such as Chemistry as well as Medical, Food, Fertilizer etc.

PH Full Form In Indian Post

There is another full form of PH that is significantly used in Indian Post. The full form of PH in Indian Post is “Parcel Hub.”

This term is widely used in Indian post to

If you send a parcel via India post, it will get sorted out at the nearest Parcel Hub, to different PH’s across nation. Parcel will then sent to destination pincode via Head offices from PH, .

What if you book a speed post?

Then the parcel will be sent to “NSH” (National Sorting Hub).

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