Full Form Of NDA-What Does NDA Stand For?

If you are interested in politics or have you ever noticed that in the news channels and newspapers, you often get to hear the word NDA, apart from this, you will also see it in the Karma list of NDA important examinations.

There are two important full form of NDA, today we will learn about them and also know what is the importance of NDA in the political field and what is the importance of NDA in the field of education and also we will get important information about both of them:

First Full Form Of NDA

The first full form of NDA is National Democratic Alliance. Let us know about the National Democratic Alliance in detail:

1. What is NDA (National Democratic Alliance)?

The National Democratic Alliance is a group of different political parties in India in which several parties form a coalition government, in which various regional parties form a coalition that can contest elections at the national level.

2. Which is the largest political party in NDA?

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

3. NDA was founded in which year?

In the year 1998

4. Who founded the NDA?

Bharatiya Janata Party

5. How many political parties were involved in the establishment of the NDA?


6. Who is the chairman of NDA?

The NDA is not a structured body of any kind, nor is it directly chaired by the presidents of all the parties involved, as per their wish, they can join this alliance and leave, yet if the president is talked about then the Indian The president of the Janata Party, which is the largest party of this alliance, is usually considered the president of the NDA. Besides, a convenor is appointed in the NDA who works with all the party presidents to maintain this alliance.

7. After the formation of NDA, the first government was formed in just 1 year due to the withdrawal of support by which political party?

All India by Anna Munnetra Kazhagam

8. What is the definite number of political parties in the NDA?

There is no fixed number of political parties in NDA, it keeps on changing according to time and circumstances.

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full form of nda

Second Full Form Of NDA

The second full form of NDA is National Defense Academy. Let us now know about the National Defense Academy:

What Is NDA?

To join the Indian Army, one way is to pass the NDA exam. With the help of NDA, you can join any of the Navy, Army, Air Force. NDA is the world’s first triangular service academy, broadly known as National Defense Academy.

NDA examinations are conducted twice a year. This examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

The NDA exam assesses the candidate’s general ability, psychological test, physical and social skills, medical tests, team-building skills, and detailed personality.

Minimum Qualification Required

To appear in the NDA examination, the candidate must have passed the 12th standard. If you are willing to join Air Force and Navy, then you must pass the 12th examination along with Physics and Mathematics.

Age Criteria

The age of the candidate should be between 16 1/2 to 19 years, it is mandatory for the candidate to be unmarried.

Selection Process

Selection in NDA is done in two stages, first written test and second interview.

Written exam

A written examination is mainly based on Mathematics and General Aptitude. This examination is conducted every year in the months of April and September.

The interview

After passing the written examination, the candidate is interviewed by the Union Public Service Commission, the interview is taken by the committee determined by the Commission.

NDA Examination Results

SSB call the students for interview after passing the written test. The final result is released after the completion of SSB interview. It has a list of selected candidates, which can be seen on the official website of NDA.


Candidates who successfully complete this program are appointed as officers in the Indian Army. Therefore, military leadership training is imparted to the candidates. Its course consists of six semesters, in which rigorous physical training is given. Complete all war plants in the course.

Here, we told you about two full form of NDA – National Defense Academy (NDA), and National Democratic Alliance.

If you have any kind of question related to this information, or want to get any other information related to it, then you can ask through comment box. Your feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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