Full Form of ISP

What is ISP? What is the full form of ISP? How does it work and how many types are there? OMG, lots of question. Let’s crack them one by one.

What is the Full Form of ISP?

The full form of ISP is “Internet Service Provider“, a term often used in Telecom industry World Wide.

What is an ISP?

An ISP is a company that provides Internet facilities to individuals and other companies. To use the Internet, you need an Internet service provider. Whether you are at home or at work, every time you connect to the Internet, your connection is made through an ISP.

As the name suggests, an Internet service provider is a business organization that provides High Speed Internet services to the end user. It provides Internet Transit, Internet Access, Web Hosting and other types of Internet services.

Internet Service Provider provides the facility of Internet to people using different technologies. Modem provides Internet access to people using certain technologies like Dial-Up Internet Access, DSL, Cable Internet, Wireless Broadband, Wi-Fi Internet, Ethernet.

Internet Service Provider uses these technologies according to its customer’s Demand. For example, those who use the Internet on a small scale, an ISP provides them with the help of DSL, Cable Mode, Wi-Fi Internet.

ISPs who need the Internet to run large businesses are Ethernet, Metropolitan Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Frame Relay Etc. Provides Internet from Wireless access, including cellular and satellite Internet access, is another option.

Types Of ISP

According to the method of data transmission, the Internet access provided to ISP users can be divided into several types, the most popular of which are the following:

1. Dialup

It is the oldest method of providing internet. It uses the telephone line to make a Modem-to-Modem connection. This type of technology is now used to facilitate the Internet in rural areas.

2. DSL

Dial-Up is an improved version of the Internet access method. Unlike dial-up, DSL uses High Frequency to run a connection over a local telephone network. This allows internet and phone connections to run on one and the same telephone line.

3. Cable Internet

Cable Internet is one of the most preferred ways to access the Internet. Technically, it represents a Broadband Internet Access Method, which uses high-bandwidth cable television networks to transmit data between global networks and households.

4. Wireless Broadband

It is a new generation broadband internet access technology, allowing delivery of high speed wireless internet over a large area.

To get this Wireless Broadband you need to place a specific dish on the roof of your house or the Apartment Balcony and point it to your WISP transmitter.

Today after our arrival in India, 4G is available on every mobile phone with Internet Connection High Speed.

Other Known Full Form of ISP

These are the other known full forms of ISP –

Wrapping Up

Today in this post, we learned the full form of ISP, what is ISP and many other information about the same. I hope you loved this post. If so, do share it with your loved ones and thank me later.

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