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ICMR: Indian Council of Medical Research

The full form of ICMR is Indian Council of Medical Research“, the full form of ICMR is Indian Council of Medical Research. ICMR is a major agency working under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

ICMR is the official agency for research, manufacturing and coordination in the bio-medical field in India. Its headquarters is located in New Delhi. Its 26 National Institutes associated with ICMR carry out research work in the field of prevention and prevention of special health topics such as AIDS, cholera, cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria, diarrhea related diseases, reproduction, and other health problems.

The main function of ICMR is to monitor the health problems of the country and to do research work for their control and management on priority basis.

The Council of Medical Research works to formulate policies for diseases spread among the people, reproductive diseases, infant and mother health, malnutrition and starvation problems in the country. At the time of the global epidemic of corona virus, ICMR itself is eyeing India’s health policy.

ICMR was established in 1949 after independence. Its main objective was to promote and manage medical research in the country. The governing president of this organization is the immediate health minister of the country.

A team of experts in the field of medicine and medicine is advised to advise the Health Minister under the chairmanship of his Director General. Presently, Dr. Balaram Bhargava is holding the post of Secretary and Director General of ICMR.

Other Possible Full Forms of ICMR

  • Institute for Coastal and Marine Resources
  • International Capital Markets Report
  • Indonesian Capital Market Review
  • Input Common-Mode Reach
  • International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval
  • International Center for Materials Research
  • Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations
  • International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation
  • International Conference on Management Research
  • International Conference on Manufacturing Research
  • International Conference on Multimedia
  • In Combat Morale Regeneration
  • Institute for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research
  • International Center for Materials Research
  • Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research
  • Indian Committee to Monitor Research
  • Interagency Committee on Medical Records

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