What is the Full Form of GPS – GPS Full Form & Meaning?

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Full Form of GPS

GPS is a short form, and the full form of GPS is Global Positioning System. It is a global navigation satellite system, which is used to tell the position of anything.

What is GPS?

You will often have used GPS on your phone. You must also know that it tells your position. But do you know anything about it besides this? Today we will give you complete information about GPS.

Its first use was started by the Defense Department of America for the army. Let me tell you that at that time the GPS system could not be used by the common people. If someone used it, it would be illegal. It was granted permission for public use in 1995 in view of the increasing demand of the people.

Satellites are powered by solar energy, but to keep them running when there is no solar power, they also have backup batteries onboard, due to which it is working at all times.

The first GPS was developed in the 1960s to help US Navy ships navigate more accurately. The first system started with five satellites that allowed ships to verify their location once every hour.

And now it has developed so much that Mobile, Rail, Bus, Car, etc. are used in many public things.

All of you must have been using Google Maps indiscriminately and this also works on your phone’s GPS. With the help of your phone’s GPS, it tells the location of your phone and you can also track your phone.

With the help of this, now we can search for the location of anywhere very easily. Suppose you have gone to some unknown place and you have to find out what this place is, then you can do this quite easily with the help of GPS and Google Map.

With the help of GPS, you can also track your family to protect them, at which place they are at the moment and for this, you may need some apps.

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How Does GPS Work?

To understand how GPS works, first you need to know what things your phone is connected to?

Your phone is connected to three things only then it is able to tell your location.

GPS Satellite (Space Segment) – You may be surprised to know that a GPS is connected to four satellites. These satellites are primarily responsible for telling your position. Actually, it records the coordinate of the signal sent from your phone.

Ground Control System (Control Segment)  – It is used to monitor or monitor its working. This ensures that deviations of satellites from the orbit and the accompanying GPS timing are within the tolerance level.

GPS Receiver (User Segment) – This receiver is nothing but your phone and your carts from where GPS is being used.
Let’s try to understand its process. Our phone or any vehicle you want to use GPS works like a Receiver.

Actually, it first connects to its nearest 4 satellites, and with the addition, the satellite sends its coordinate back to the phone, which causes the location to be detected.

meaning, use, working and full form of gps

Working of Navigation

You have understood above how it tells the coordinates of your location. But the coordinates are in one place, then how do you know how to do this navigation?

First of all, know the navigation term very well. Navigation means your location will change with you. Let’s try to understand it in simple language. Suppose you want to move from one place to another. You will take help of a map for this.

You will enter your starting and end point in the map. After this, the map will tell you the best route. When you start walking on this road, a blue ball will also accompany you. So that you know your position where you are.

So how is GPS able to follow you? For this, auto refresh is used every second in the map. As soon as your position changes from one place to another, the satellite gives you a new coordinate in the same second, which makes you feel that it is moving with you.

Use of GPS

To locate a location:

With the help of GPS, it is very easy to track your location. Suppose you want to go to a place you’ve never been before. In such a situation, you can know the route and location of the new place with the help of GPS. It can also be used to find your friends if you are separated from them.

To find a pet:

You may have noticed that people sometimes lose their pets or the pets sometimes go far away from home due to lost way. In such a situation, a tracker is put in their neck strap nowadays. With this, their owners reach them wherever they are.

Theft Prevention:

If GPS is installed in your vehicle, then it can protect your vehicle from theft. Your car can be traced via GPS if your vehicle has been stolen.

At the time of an accident:

Suppose you have been the victim of an accident or emergency. In this case, you will need immediate help. In this case, you can dial the emergency number. Emergency teams will be able to reach you without even giving your location. In fact, when you dial an emergency number, your location also reaches them automatically, and this is due to GPS address.


You will often see that the thief is tracked down by the police. This is known because the tracker is put on any of their belongings, due to which the police keep getting the news of the thieves’ location.

Mapping And Surveying:

GPS can also be used in mapping and survey projects. The use of GPS in surveys saves companies time and cost. It can be used in mapping projects of highways, power lines, crops, soil types, rivers etc.

Keeping Watch On Elderly People:

A GPS tracking device can help you take care of a special family member or elderly. They sometimes roam alone and then find it difficult to return home. Some healthcare facilities use these to care for their patients.


GPS tracking system is also useful in mining. With the help of the device, they track minerals in different layers of the Earth’s surface.

Securing Artworks:

Paintings and other artworks are worth hundreds or millions when they are sold or auctioned in galleries. No wonder they are called investments. Most of these owners are insured to protect them from harm because such expensive pieces are often the targets of thieves.

As an additional layer of protection, these artifacts are also fitted with a small tracking device so that they can locate the thieves and get their “investment” back.

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