Full Form of CPU

What is the full form of CPU or full name of CPU? Here is the information about the CPU or processor.

The CPU is the most important part of a computer or electronic device. It is that part of the computer by which the device can calculate and show any information.

If you do not know about CPU, let’s first know what is the Full Form of CPU or Full Name of CPU.

What is the Full Form of CPU?

CPU – Central Processing Unit

The full form of CPU is ‘Central Processing Unit’. A chip inside a CPU computer is called, which is the main processing unit of a computer.

Most of the processing done in the computer is controlled by this unit.

Just as all the work done by our body is done by our brain, similarly CPU is also called the brain or heart of computer. All parts of the computer are controlled by the CPU itself.

The faster the CPU or Processor of a computer or device, the more easily and faster any program can run on the computer.

Processor, Microprocessor or Central processor are also CPU only.

Today most microprocessors used in computers are made by Intel and AMD.

The CPU is installed inside the computer. Today’s computer or PC’s CPU is four-sided and smaller in size, it has many small metal pins or connectors made of metal that fit into the CPU Socket on the motherboard and connect.

Apart from computers, CPUs are used in other devices or systems. The CPU is also in your SmartPhone, Smart Tv, mobile phone, tablet, gaming console, multimedia device, car, etc.

The CPU of a computer handles all the instructions it receives from the hardware of the computer such as keyboard, mouse, printer or any software.

The CPU then calculates according to its program and then displays its output such as information on the monitor.

Components of a CPU

There have been many changes in the CPU over time, but these are some of the basic components of all types of CPUs.

ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)

There are two types of Operation inside it.

  • Arithmetic
  • Logical

There are Arithmetic Operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division etc. inside the Arithmetic part. All the logical operations like Comparison, Matching, Selections etc. are done inside the logic unit.

CU or Control Unit

According to its name, it controls all the operations, it extracts the instructions from memory and decodes and executes them.

  • Registers

Instructions, data, results inside this store remain for some time, which are used by the control unit when needed.

Types of CPU

  1. Transistor type CPU
  2. Large Scale Integration type CPU
  3. Small Scale Integration type CPU

FAQs Related to CPU

1. Who is called the brain of computer?
CPU (Central Processing Unit)

2. What is the work of Central Processing Unit?
The basic function of the central processing unit is to process the input given in the computer and output it, for this it takes the data from the primary memory which is given to the computer through the input by the user and processes it and after processing Whatever result the data comes out, it is presented to the users through the output device.

3. Central Processing Unit processes data with the help of
The central processing unit processes data with the help of its three components, the first of which is the memory unit, the second is the arithmetic logic unit and the third is the control unit.

4. What is the function of memory unit?
The memory unit stores the data given by the input and the result data shown to the user through the output is also stored in the memory unit itself.

5. What is the function of an arithmetic processing unit?
The function of this unit is to compute the given input and process it in a logical manner. This unit of computer does basic mathmatics such as accumulate, subtract, divide, fold, and logically indicate which number is increased. Is, which number is smaller and which is equal.

6. What is the function of Control Unit?
The control unit basically decides when to take input data and when to process it and when to present it to the user through the output after processing.

7. The first single chip CPU was created by which company?
By intel

8. Which was the first micro processor used to do business?
Intel 4004

9. When was the Intel 4004 launched?
On 15 November 1971

10. Which is the world’s largest CPU making company at present?
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) and Intel

Wrapping Up

In this post, I tried covering everything related to CPU including the full form of CPU. Now, it’s your turn. Give this nice post a favor by sharing it with your friends.

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