CDS Full Form – What is the Full Form of CDS?

What is CDS, What is the full form of CDS, meaning of CDS? I am gonna cover these questions in this post in detail. So keep reading till end.

Full Form of CDS

While there can be a number of full form of CDS, I will cover two full form of CDS in detail that are more popular and used frequently.

Further, I will list down all other possible/known full form of CDS in brief for your knowledge. So let’s dive right in without getting late.

The first full form of CDS is –

Chief of Defense Staff

Our country has got the first CDS of India. He is none other but General Bipin Rawat. Shortly after assuming office, General Bipin Rawat met Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh (Rajnath Singh Meeting with CDS).

At the same time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Modi on CDS) has also tweeted and praised Bipin Rawat fiercely. In his tweet, the Prime Minister of the country has said that General is a brilliant officer.

He has served the country with full enthusiasm. Let us know that on 15 August 2019 last year, Prime Minister Modi announced the formation of the post of Chief of Defense Staff from the ramparts of the Red Fort to coordinate between the three armies and modernize the military forces.

This new picture of General Rawat’s office, which is drawing the attention of people on the internet, is plush. But when we consider this, it is found that the Defense Department officials were in a hurry when the appointment of General Bipin Rawat and the new office was given to him.

Maybe this can disturb the matter and all kinds of questions come to mind. So let us tell you that the picture of General Bipin Rawat’s office in South Block is being shared there, it is written in English on the board, Chief of Defense Staff, while looking at the Hindi of this board, you will find that it is written as ‘Chief Defense Chairman.’

Let me tell you that these two translations, the Chief Defense Chief and Chief of Defense Staff, are seen showing two completely different things.

The 2nd full form of CDS is –

Combined Defence Services

Another full form of CDS is Combined Defense Services. After passing CDS, one can get a job in Indian Military, Air Force and Navy. Thousands of students sit for this exam every year. This exam takes place twice a year.

UPSC conducts the examination. More than 4 lakh candidates participate in this examination every year, but only a few are selected.

Students who qualify the written examination and interview are sent to the Indian Military Academy (Indian Military Academy), Air Force Academy Hyderabad, Naval Academy Goa and Officer Training Academy in Chennai for training.

Candidates are selected for officer or army only after successfully training. They are then given an appointment letter and join.


The minimum qualification to take this exam is a graduate from a recognized university. A bachelor’s in engineering is required to join the Navy. To join Air Force, it is necessary to have Maths and Physics in 10 + 2 along with graduation. All Indians can take this exam.

Exam Pattern

This test is of objective type. It has negative marking. The correct answer has to be shot. In this exam, questions from English, General Knowledge (General Knowledge) and Maths are asked. After passing the written exam, the Intelligence and Personality Test of the candidate is taken.

Age Limit

Between 20 to 24 years

Other Full Forms of CDS

Full FormCategory
Compact Digital SwitchMilitary
Comprehensive Development ServicesCompanies & Firms
Computer Designed ShapeComputing
Computer Distribution SystemTransportation
Consejo de SeguridadSpanish
Construction Drawing SubsetArchitecture
Contact Data SystemGeneral
Container Delivery SystemMilitary
Continuous Deflection SeparationPhysics
Continuous Dopaminergic StimulationGeneral
Control Display SystemMilitary
Controlled Dangerous SubstanceLaw & Legal
Coordinated Data SystemNetworking
Corona Del SolGeneral
Coronal Diagnostic SpectrometerNASA
Correlated Double SamplingElectronics
Covenant Day SchoolSchools
Crashworthiness Data SystemTransportation
Credit Default SwapAccounting
Cross Direction SupportGeneral Business
Cross Disciplinary SubjectUniversities
Cubic Defense SystemsMilitary
California Dressage SocietyRiding
Call, Discuss, SelectGeneral Business
Canadian Depository for Securities, LTD.Stock Exchange
Canine Detection ServicesLaw & Legal
Cavitation Dispersion SolventGeneral
Cell Death ServerMiscellaneous
Central Depository SystemStock Exchange
Central Disk SpaceHardware
Centro Democrático y SocialSpanish
Cern Document ServerGeneral
Cervico-Dorsal SyndromePhysiology
Chronic Disease StatePhysiology
Circular Date StampHobbies
Citrix Device ServicesCompanies & Firms
Clean Dry SocksClothing
Cockpit Display SystemProducts
code substitutionMedical
Cognitive Disabilities SeverePhysiology
Cold Drawn SteelProducts
Colony Defence SystemScience Fiction
Color Doppler SonographyHospitals
Color Dual ScanGeneral
Commercial Documentation ServicesGeneral Business

Wrapping Up

In this post, I tried covering everything related to CDS including the full form of CDS. Now/ it’s your turn. Give this nice post a favor by sharing it with your friends.

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