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What is EVS, what is the meaning of EVS, EVS full form, what does EVS mean, what is the full form of EVS? In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding EVS including EVS full form.

EVS Full Form - Environmental Studies

EVS full form is Environmental studies.

The field of environmental studies is wide. Study of EVS subject is done under three subjects. History, Geography, and Science.

Environment studies study the relationship between environment and human beings. Environmental studies are the result of the late twentieth century and the need of the 21st century.

Today, situations are arising in the society from which an excellent need for environmental education is arising. At present, special importance is being given to global warming, climate change, worldwide problem of pollution, population explosion, biodiversity, disaster management, industrial development, proper utilization of natural resources.

Decision in International Symposium in Belgrade in 1975 It was taken that all countries of the world should accept objective objectives for equal and comprehensive environmental studies which are highly practical and can assimilate appropriate environmental problems. Its main objectives are awareness, knowledge, skills, participation and assessment skills.

Considering this subject as important, the Supreme Court of India has ordered teaching as a compulsory subject. All should be school education and are being included in competitive examinations. The syllabus of CTET included Environmental Studies (EVS) as a subject.

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European Voluntary Service

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a European Commission scheme that encourages 18–30 year olds to work voluntarily in Europe long term.

Other Full Forms of EVS

Full FormCategoryTerm
Equipment Visibility SystemSpace ScienceEVS
Extra-vehicular SuitSpace ScienceEVS
Electronic Variable SpeedStock ExchangeEVS

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