ETPS Full form & Meaning | What Does ETPS Stand For?

What is ETPS, what is the meaning of ETPS, ETPS full form, what does ETPS mean, what is the full form of ETPS? Expand the full name of ETPS. What does ETPS stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding ETPS including ETPS full form.

ETPS Full Form

Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation

Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation (ETPS) is a non-invasive, very well tolerated, hybrid modality utilizing concentrated, low frequency, direct electrical current stimulation to Chinese meridian and trigger points throughout the body.

Other Full Forms of ETPS

Full-Form CategoryTerm
Eligible Training Provider SystemMiscellaneousETPS
Electronic Technical Publication SystemsGovernmentETPS
Eastern Tropical Pacific SeascapeMiscellaneousETPS
Empire Test Pilots’ SchoolCommunity SchoolETPS

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