ETC Full Form

What is the meaning of ETC? We use the term ETC every day but do you know the full form of ETC? If not, you are reading the correct information, we will tell you what ETC means, but I am going to tell you how to use it.

In English, we use many words in short form, very few people have full form address, ETC is also an English word about which people do not know that it is short form.

When we write a list, ETC is written in the last, in which we write ‘Adi’ in Hindi, today we will give all the information about it and told about ETC and how to use it.

ETC Full Form

ETC is an English word with the full form ‘Et Cetera’. It is a Latin language term for Et (And) Cetera (Rest, Things), Etc for the full form, or meaning ‘End of Thinking Capacity’, which in Hindi is called ‘End of Thinking Capacity’ in Hindi.

In English, ‘So On’ is also used in place of ETC, and in Hindi, we say ‘Adi, other, etc.’ and hence And So Forth, And The Rest, And The Like, Among Other, And Suchlike We can use Et Cetera instead.

The following is a complete list of words:

  • And so on

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When & Where To Use ETC?

ETC Word will be used where your thinking ability is lost, that means you share a list, you can do it in the last ETC.

According to the example, you must have understood that what this website shares are its list and did not mention many things in the list which is the end of thinking ability. What is ETC and what is the full form of ETC? 

Other Known Full Forms Of ETC

  • ETC: Experiment Test Cycle
  • ETC: Earth Terrain Camera
  • ETC: Estimated Time of Completion
  • ETC: Electronic Toll Collection
  • ETC: Evil Type Correction


Do you know what does ETC mean? You must have known what is the pronunciation and meaning of ETC, Full Form of ETC as well . All these info in a very simple language. Hope you have got full information about ETC through this post.

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