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What is ERS, what is the meaning of ERS, ERS full form, what does ERS mean, what is the full form of ERS, What is the full form of ERS in Governmental? Expand the full name of ERS. What does NABL stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding ERS including ERS full form.

ERS Full Form

ERS full form is Economic Research Service. It is used in government, departments, and agencies in the United States.

Economic Research Service (ERS) the U.S. The Federal Statistical System is the principal agency that provides the Department of Agriculture and public economic information and research on food, agriculture, environment and rural development.

ERS Full Form in Indian Railways

Electronic Reservation Slip

The full form of ERS is Electronic Reservation Slip. It is used in India on transportation and travel, rail transport.

Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS), which is a printed version of IRCTC's e-ticket with reservation details. The ticket is valid only with an ID proof in the original.

Other Full Forms of ERS

Full FormCategoryTerm
Emergency Relocation SiteMilitary and DefenceERS
Ellipsoidal Reflector SpotlightMilitary and DefenceERS
Electronics Rack SystemMilitary and DefenceERS
Enterprise Reporting SystemNetworkingERS
Errors PartyNetworkingERS
Er Mapper File – Earth Resource Mapping Satellite Image HeaderFile TypeERS
ERNAKULAM JNIndian Railway StationERS
Event Reporting StandardElectronicsERS
Evaluated Receipt SettlementAccounts and FinanceERS
Earth Recovery SubsystemSpace ScienceERS
Element Rotation StandSpace ScienceERS
Engineering Release SystemSpace ScienceERS
Entry and Recovery SimulationSpace ScienceERS
WindhoekAirport CodeERS
Enhanced Reference SystemDatabase ManagementERS
Estate Regeneration SchemeReal EstateERS
Exclusive Ride SessionSportsERS

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