DTM Full Form | What Does DTM Stand For?

What is DTM, what is the meaning of DTM, DTM full form, what does DTM mean, what is the full form of DTM? Expand the full name of DTM. What does DTM stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding DTM including DTM full form.

DTM Full Form

Digital Terrain Model

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is a DEM in which terrain data has been further enhanced with break lines, creating greater accuracy as it contains additional information defining the terrain in areas where Lidar data alone is unable to do the job effectively.

Other Full Forms of DTM

Digiop Transaction ManagerSoftwaresDTM
Department of Terrestrial MagnetismGeologyDTM
Defending The MonolithComputer SoftwareDTM
Datamonitor, PLCBusiness FirmDTM
Data Transfer ModuleMilitaryDTM
Deutschen Tourenwagen MastersBusiness FirmDTM
Direct To MetalElectronicsDTM
DortmundAirport CodeDTM
Down Time ManagementComputingDTM
Defect test monitorElectronicsDTM
Distance To MateVeterinaryDTM
Don’t Time MeToastmasterDTM
Device Test ModuleElectronicsDTM
Distinguished ToastmasterToastmasterDTM
Dortmund airportRegional Airport CodeDTM
Detroit Techno MilitiaMusicDTM
Dark Tall ManInternet SlangDTM
Dynamic synchronousTransfer ModeComputer and NetworkingDTM
Don’t Trust MeInternet SlangDTM
Demographic Transition ModelCommunityDTM
Delay Time MultiplierElectronicsDTM
Development Team MemberBusinessDTM
Down The MiddleSportsDTM
Driver Test ManagerComputer DriverDTM
Database Table ManagerDatabase ManagementDTM
Digital Terrain MapElectronicsDTM
De-centralized Trade ManagementStock ExchangeDTM
Don’t Think MuchBusinessDTM
Diploma In Tropical MedicineEducational DegreeDTM
Deutsche Tourenwagen MastersTransportationDTM
Dispersion Test ModuleComputer SoftwareDTM
Device Type ManagerComputer HardwareDTM
Deutsche Tourenwagen MeisterschaftBusiness FirmDTM
Dynamic Trumpet MinistriesOrganizationDTM
Deterministic Turing MachineMediaDTM
Daily Training MessagesMilitary and DefenceDTM
Data Transfer MechanismComputer NetworkingDTM
Dynamic Thermal ManagementPhysicsDTM

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