DSC Full Form | What Is DSC?

What is DSC? What is the meaning of DSC? DSC full form? A lot of questions about DSC is running on your mind. Well, I will answer them one by one including DSC full form, in this post.

DSC Full Form

The full form of DSC is “Digital Signature Certificate“. A digital signature or digital signature is a mathematical technique that proves the veracity of any message or document sent online over the Internet, that the document or who sent it has not been modified.

What is DSC?

The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a secure digital key issued by a certified authority (CA) for the purpose of validating and authenticating the identity of an individual or organization.

The DSC usually contains information about the user’s identity such as name, PIN code, country, email address, date the certificate was issued and the name of the certifying authority. DSC is a statutory requirement for certain online transactions and application filings.

DSC stands for Digital Signature Certificate. It is the physical or digital equivalent of a paper document. For example, driving license, passport and membership card.

This certificate serves as proof of a person’s identity for a specific purpose, such as a driving license identifying a person who can legally drive a vehicle in a particular country specified in the license.

In addition, a digital signature can be submitted electronically to prove one’s identity, use information on the Internet, and digitally sign the document.

Other Full Forms of DSC

Full FormCategoryShort Form
Doctor of ScienceEducational DegreeDSc
DECT Standard CipherComputer and NetworkingDSC
Doctor of Surgical ChiropodyMedicalDSC
Digital Selective CallingTelecommunicationDSC
Data Stream CompatibilityNetworkingDSC
Description FileFile TypeDSC
Discard File (oracle)File TypeDSC
Debian Source ControlSoftwaresDSC
Direct Servo ControlElectronicsDSC
Differential Scanning CalorimetryElectronicsDSC
Dynamic Squelch ControlElectronicsDSC
Digital Signal ControlElectronicsDSC
Debt Service CoverageAccounts and FinanceDSC
Deferred Sales ChargeAccounts and FinanceDSC
Designated Secured CreditorAccounts and FinanceDSC
Distinguished Service CrossSpace ScienceDSC
Data Separator CardSpace ScienceDSC
Dedicated Signal ConditionerSpace ScienceDSC
Dynamic Stability ControlSpace ScienceDSC
DschangAirport CodeDSC
Disable Smooth CurvesComputer Assembly LanguageDSC
Document Structuring CommandsDatabase ManagementDSC
Digital Setting CircleMathsDSC
Daytona State CollegeEducational InstituteDSC
Displacement Shift CompleteEarth ScienceDSC
Detroit Sportsmen’s CongressSportsDSC
Dynamo Soccer ClubSportsDSC
Defensive Space ControlMilitary and DefenceDSC

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