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What is DSA, what is the meaning of DSA, DSA full form, what does DSA mean, what is the full form of DSA, What is the full form of DSA in Information Technology, Softwares, Military and Defence? Expand the full name of DSA. What does DSA stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

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DSA Full Form in Medical Science

Digital Subtraction Angiography

Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) is a fluoroscopic technique used extensively in interventional radiology for visualizing blood vessels. Radiopaque structures such as bones are eliminated (“subtracted”) digitally from the image, thus allowing for an accurate depiction of the blood vessels.

Full FormCategoryTerm
Digital Signature AlgorithmInformation TechnologyDSA
Directory System AuthenticationComputer and NetworkingDSA
Disproportionate Share AdjustmentHealthcareDSA
Directory Service AgentNetworkingDSA
Dynamic Spectrum AccessNetworkingDSA
DELHI SHAHDARAIndian Railway StationDSA
Display System ActivityElectronicsDSA
Design Sensitivity AnalysisElectronicsDSA
Dimensionally Stable AnodeElectronicsDSA
Direct Selling AgentBankingDSA
Defense Supply AgencySpace ScienceDSA
Digital Simulation ArchiveSpace ScienceDSA
Department Security AdministratorJob TitleDSA
DoncasterAirport CodeDSA
Direct Screen AccessComputer HardwareDSA
Dynamic Style AnalysisStock ExchangeDSA
District Soccer AssociationSportsDSA
Direct Sales AgreementMilitary and DefenceDSA
Designated Support ActivityMilitary and DefenceDSA
Division Support AreaMilitary and DefenceDSA
Disk Storage AssemblyMilitary and DefenceDSA
Disability Service AllowanceMilitary and DefenceDSA
Defense Special AssessmentMilitary and DefenceDSA

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