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What is DC, what is the meaning of DC, DC full form, what does DC mean, what is the full form of DC? Expand full name of DC. What does DC stand for? Is it acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding DC including DC full form.

DC Full Form in Electrical Engineering - Direct Current

DC is also a Full Form Direct Current DC was invented by Alessandro Volta in the year 1800. Electronic charge flows in the same direction in a direct current. The clock cell is a perfect example of DC.

Direct current flows with the help of conductors, semiconductors, and insulators. Direct current (DC) flows inside any vacuum with the help of an electron and ion beam.

AC current can be converted into DC by removing it from the Rectifier and DC can be converted to AC with an inverter.

Direct current (DC) has many uses such as DC is used to charge the mobile battery.

DC is used for charging large electric batteries and for charging flashlight etc.

DC Full Form in Comics & Anime

Detective Comics

DC also has full form Detective Comics DC Comics is a famous book publisher company of America, in this comics a lot of hero characters are featured.

Such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. DC's headquarters are located in New York.

DC Full Form in India Police

Deputy Commissioner

Deputy Commissioner is the executive head of a district in India.

DC Full Form in Cars & Automotive Company

Dilip Chhabria

DC is a well-acclaimed Indian automobile company that is founded by Dilip Chhabria. DC has launched 1 car namely DC Avanti. DC Avanti is a beautiful luxury car model that costs 25, 00,000+ INR.

DC Full Form in IPL Team

Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals is a franchise team representing Delhi in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Currently, the team is being led by Indian cricketer Shreyas Iyer.

DC Full Form in Display & Graphics

Dynamic Contrast

DC's Full Form Is Also Dynamic Contrast Contrast means that any photo showing more than two surfaces with the same brightness has different contrast of different colors.

Contrast can be increased or decreased with the help of software

DC Full Form in Gaming


DC Full Form in Chat Slang

Don't Care

This is used while chatting on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

DC Full Form in TikTok Caption

Dance Challenge

DC essentially implies a challenge with another TikTok client to a move off. DC is commonly utilized as a hashtag appended to a video. You can utilize DC to challenge other TikTok clients by labeling them in your video!

DC Full Form in States & Districts

District of Columbia

Washington, DC, is formally the capital of the United States District of Columbia.

DC Full Form in Networking

Domain Controller

Domain Controller (DC) is a server running a version of the Windows Server operating system that responds to security authentication requests within the Windows Server domain.

DC Full Form in Education (Medical)

Doctor of Chiropractic

Other Full Forms of DC

Full FormCategoryTerm
Direct CurrentElectronicsDC
District of ColumbiaRegionalDC
Dilip ChhabriaCompany NameDC
Data CompressionComputer and NetworkingDC
Directionality ClassificationComputer and NetworkingDC
Doctor of ChiropracticMedicalDC
Dry CircuitTelecommunicationDC
Device ControlTelecommunicationDC
Domain ComponentNetworkingDC
Device ContextNetworkingDC
Domain ControllerNetworkingDC
MAGUDANCHAVADIIndian Railway StationDC
Dielectric ConstantChemistryDC
Distributed ComputingChemistryDC
Dual ControlElectronicsDC
Don’t CareElectronicsDC
Default CurrencyBankingDC
Daily ChumpMessagingDC
Doesn’t CountMessagingDC
Devastating CharismaMessagingDC
Don’t ComeMessagingDC
Delivery ChargesMessagingDC
Direct CostsAccounts and FinanceDC
Data CoordinatorSpace ScienceDC
Development CenterSpace ScienceDC
Display CouplerSpace ScienceDC
Direct CommandSpace ScienceDC
Digital CountsMeasurement UnitDC
Delivery CoordinatorJob TitleDC
Division ChiefJob TitleDC
Declare ConstantComputer Assembly LanguageDC
Define ConstantComputer Assembly LanguageDC
Date of CreationDatabase ManagementDC
Date CreatedDatabase ManagementDC
Direct CoupledComputer HardwareDC
DisconnectComputer HardwareDC
Data CenterComputer HardwareDC
Difference of Convex FunctionsMathsDC
Doesn’t CareMathsDC
Delta CollegeEducational InstituteDC
Drill CollarEarth ScienceDC
Dynamic ConversionPhysics RelatedDC
Dusty CatSportsDC
Difficulty ClassSportsDC
Deccan ChargersSportsDC

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