CSP Full Form & Meaning | What Does CSP Stand For?

What is CSP, what is the meaning of CSP, CSP full form, what does CSP mean, what is the full form of CSP? Expand the full name of CSP. What does CSP stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding CSP including CSP full form.

CSP Full Form

Cloud Service Provider

A Cloud Service Provider is a 3rd party organization offering a cloud-based stage, foundation, application, or capacity services. Much like a property holder would pay for a utility, for example, power or gas, organizations regularly need to pay just for the measure of cloud services they use, as business requests require.

CSP Full Form in Digital India/Mini Bank

Customer Service Point

CSP stands for Customer Service Point. These centers are Mini Bank where almost all Banking facilities are provided. It means that the facilities you get in the bank will also be easily available through the Customer Service Center / Customer Service Point (CSP).

Banking facilities are not available in many villages in our country today, due to which the villagers have to go to the city many kilometers away. Therefore, for the convenience of the villagers, by opening a Mini Bank or Customer Service Center (CSP) in remote areas, the Banking facilities are provided to them.

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Other Full forms of CSP

Full FormCategoryTerm
Cache Server PagesSoftwaresCSP
Commerce Solution ProviderSoftwaresCSP
Chip Scale PackageElectronicsCSP
Customer Selected PinBankingCSP
Chronically Serious PeopleMessagingCSP
Communicating for A Stronger PartnershipMessagingCSP
Customer Service ProfessionalAccounts and FinanceCSP
Computer Support ProgramSpace ScienceCSP
Certified Safety ProfessionalSpace ScienceCSP
Certified Speaking ProfessionalJob TitleCSP
Community Service PersonnelJob TitleCSP
Certified Staffing ProfessionalJob TitleCSP
Coordinator Special ProgramsJob TitleCSP
Closed Skill PerformanceJob TitleCSP
Cape Spencer (ak)Airport CodeCSP
Certified Safety ProfessionalsCertificationsCSP
Certified Scrum ProfessionalCertificationsCSP
Certified Snow ProfessionalCertificationsCSP
Certified Sales ProfessionalCertificationsCSP
Client Side ParadataDatabase ManagementCSP
Chip Scale PackagingComputer HardwareCSP
Completely Self-protectedComputer HardwareCSP
Converged Service ProcessorComputer HardwareCSP
Chipset Support PackageComputer HardwareCSP
Constraint Satisfaction ProblemMathsCSP
College Student PersonnelEducational InstituteCSP
College Success ProgramEducational InstituteCSP
Comfortable Starting PitchSportsCSP
Code and Signal PublicationMilitary and DefenceCSP
Cryptographic Service ProviderMilitary and DefenceCSP
Communicating Sequential ProcessesInformation TechnologyCSP
Converged Service PlatformTelecommunicationCSP
Continuous Speech ProcessingTelecommunicationCSP
Communications Service ProviderTelecommunicationCSP
Custom Sim ProfileTelecommunicationCSP
Callback Service ProviderTelecommunicationCSP
Client Server ProtocolNetworkingCSP

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