CR Full Form | What is Cr in Banking?

What is CR, what is the meaning of CR, CR full form, what does CR mean, what is the full form of CR? In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding CR including CR full form.

CCA Full Form - Communist Control Act

The term “Credit” (CR) is used to refer the amount that has been deposited and is available to use. You might have noticed the term “Cr” in passbook etc. in Banking industry.

There are mainly three principles about the origin of CR and DR for credit and debit-

  • Principle 1:
    CR and DR come from Latin past participants of “creditum” and “debitum”, which are “credit (to be handed over)” and “debre (outstanding)”, respectively.
  • Principle 2:
    CR means “credit record” and DR means “debit record”.
  • Principle 3:
    CR is used for “creditor” and DR is used for “debtor”.

Other Full Forms of CR

CR Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryTerm
Central RegionGovernmentCR
Columbus ResidenceMedicalCR
Clarification ReportGovernmentCR
Cristiano RonaldoSportsCR
Conference RecordConferenceCR
Compact RadiusMathsCR
Central RailwaysIndian RailwaysCR
combat rescueGovernmentCR
Cents of ReliefOrganizationCR
contract reportGovernmentCR
concentration ratioBritish MedicineCR
Cultural ResourceUnited NationsCR
credit recordOtherCR
Companies RegistryGovernmentCR
Crane CompanyNYSE SymbolCR
Critical ResistanceOrganizationCR
crystal rectifierGovernmentCR
Constructed ResponseEducationCR
Conversion RateCurrencyCR
Cruz RojaSpanishCR
Centre hospitalier RichardsonMedicalCR
Cost ReducedAccounts and FinanceCR
Conditioned ResponsePhysiologyCR
Congregation of Regular ClericsOrganizationCR
Comfortable RunaboutElectronicsCR
Counter ReceiptStock ExchangeCR
Comité RegionalSpanishCR
certification recommendationGovernmentCR
Serum CreatininePhysiologyCR
Country RoadTransportationCR
Calorie RestrictionHospitalCR
cathode rayBritish MedicineCR
Close RangeMilitaryCR
Cardinal RatingsUnit of MeasurementCR

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