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What is CPS, what is the meaning of CPS, CPS full form, what does CPS mean, what is the full form of CPS? Expand full name of CPS. What does CPS stand for? Is it acronym or abbreviation?

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CPS Full Form - Current Population Survey

The Current Population Survey (CPS) is a month to month review of families directed by the United States Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It gives gauges and patterns in business, joblessness, income, working hours, and different qualities of the overall work power.

CPS Full Form in Measurements

Cycles Per Second

Cycles Per Second (CPS) gauges how regularly a substituting current (AC) alters course. The CPC was authoritatively supplanted by (Hz).

Other Full Forms of CPS

CPS Full Form / AbbreviationCategoryCPS Terms
Critical Payment SystemAccounts and FinanceCPS
Control Points SimilarElectronicsCPS
Centimeters Per SecondUnit of MeasurementCPS
Cambridge Philosophical SocietyUniversityCPS
Cash Payment SystemAccounts and FinanceCPS
Child Protection ServicesLawCPS
Certified Parent SniperInternet SlangCPS
circuit package schematicGovernmentCPS
Clínica Policlínica del SurMedicalCPS
Canon Professional ServiceBusiness FirmCPS
Continuation Passing StyleCommunityCPS
Central Pedriática del SuresteMedicalCPS
Chicago Public SchoolsOtherCPS
Common Part Sublayer (ATMF)Computer and NetworkingCPS
Complex Partial SeizurePhysiologyCPS
Capcom Play SystemOtherCPS
Contacts Publications SoftwareSoftwaresCPS
Communita Promozione e SviluppoOrganizationCPS
Crown Prosecution ServiceGovernmentCPS
Combination Product SetBusinessCPS
Common Portlet ServicesNetworkingCPS
Constant Pressure SystemPhysics RelatedCPS
Certified Professional SecretaryEducationCPS
Centre for Policy StudiesAfricanCPS
Corporate Police StateBusinessCPS
Certified Professional ScopistJob TitleCPS
Canadian Payload SpecialistSpace ScienceCPS
Conference of Philosophical SocietiesOrganizationCPS
Classroom Performance SystemEducationCPS
Cycles Per SecondUnit of MeasurementCPS
Combat Protection SystemMilitary and DefenceCPS
Calgary Police ServicePoliceCPS
core processing systemGovernmentCPS
Collegium Palynologicum ScandinavicumOrganizationCPS
Child Protective ServicesLawCPS
conversion program systemGovernmentCPS
competitive prototyping strategyGovernmentCPS
Canon Professional ServicesOtherCPS
Complete Protection SystemMilitary and DefenceCPS
conversational programming systemGovernmentCPS
Cost Per ShotMilitary and DefenceCPS
collection and processing subsystemGovernmentCPS

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