CPL Full Form | What is CPL?

What is CPL, what is the meaning of CPL, CPL full form, what does CPL mean, what is the full form of CPL? Expand full name of CPL. What does CPL stand for? Is it acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding CPL including CPL full form.

CPL Full Form - Cost per Lead

The full form of CPL is Cost per Lead. This is a different type of online advertising model that is used by organizations that are more interested in how much lead they have generated on the money they have invested. In this type of marketing model when the user clicks on an advertisement banner. One is redirected to the target site and is instructed to fill a form there. A subscription is asked to perform. As that user performs that action, then lead is generated.

CPL Full Form in Sports & Tournaments

Caribbean Premier League

CPL means Caribbean Premier League and CPL in Hindi means Caribbean Premier League. The Caribbean Premier League is an annual Twenty20 cricket tournament held in the Caribbean. It was created in 2013 and replaced the Caribbean Twenty20 as the Premier Twenty20 competition in the Caribbean. It is currently sponsored by Hero MotoCorp and as a result is officially named Hero CPL.

Other Full Forms of CPL

Full FormCategoryTerm
Call Processing LanguageComputer and NetworkingCPL
Collection Programming LanguageFile TypeCPL
Colour Palette (corel)File TypeCPL
Control Panel Extension (windows)File TypeCPL
Presentation (compel)File TypeCPL
Common Pipeline LibrarySoftwaresCPL
CHAKARLAPALLIIndian Railway StationCPL
Cyclic PolylactateChemistryCPL
Certified Parts ListElectronicsCPL
Capability Performance, LowerElectronicsCPL
Cost Per LeadAccounts and FinanceCPL
Capillary Pump LoopSpace ScienceCPL
CoupleSpace ScienceCPL
Cleaning, Pressing, and LaunderingJob TitleCPL
Certified Professional LocksmithJob TitleCPL
Certified Professional LandlordJob TitleCPL
ChaparralAirport CodeCPL
Certified Professional LogisticianCertificationsCPL
Characters Per LineComputer HardwareCPL

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