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What is COB, what is the meaning of COB, COB full form, what does COB mean, what is the full form of COB? Expand the full name of NABL. What does COB stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding COB.

COB Full Form in Business/IT/Software - Close Of Business

The full form of COB is Close of Business. COB is known as the end of the business and the end of the day. COB refers to the point when a company closes for a day.

For example, if your office opens at 9 am and closes at 6 am, you can consider it as COB at 6 pm. Suppose your boss wants you to complete the presentation before the COB. This means that you are asked to complete the presentation before the office closes at 6:30 pm.

COB has no legal or enforceable meaning. Hence its meaning may vary from one industry to another. For example in Financial Markets it is also used to point to the end of a business day.

COB time also varies from country to country and industry to industry. COB usually takes place at 5 pm in the US and 5:30 pm in the UK. Most people usually use COB instead of EOD (end of the day). Because EOD is at midnight (23:59) when everyone leaves office or goes home.

COB Full Form in Electronics

Chip On Board

Chip On Board (COB) is a technique for circuit board fabricating in which the incorporated circuits (for example chip) are wired, fortified straightforwardly to a printed circuit board, and secured by a mass of epoxy.

COB Full Form in Army/Defence

Chief Of Boat

The National Association of Bond Lawyers (NABL) is a consortium of finance advocates/lawyers based in the United States.

COB Full Form in Medical/Health Insurance

Coordination Of Benefits

The term "Coordination of Benefits" (COB) refers to group health insurance policies. Group insurance is designed to provide coverage for all major medical bills but not exceeding 100% of the total expenses. What happens when two or more insurance companies have to split the costs of these expenses? COB was established to regulate this and to make it easy for policyholders. COB rules do not apply to individual policyholders.

COB Full Form in Chat Slang

Come On Buddy

This term is generally used while chatting/talking with friends.

COB Full Form in Construction

Clear Over Base

COB Full Form in Shipping

Clean On Board

COB Full Form in Photo editing

Cut Out Background

COB Full Form in Job Title

Chairman Of the Board

Full Form of COB in Milk

Clot On Boiling

Full Form of COB in Email

Close Of Business

Full Form of COB in Construction

Clear Over Base

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