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If you want to know about CO full form. So here I am going to tell you about CO full form in Hindi as well as many more ways to become a C.O. With this, I will share with you in this article related to the ability to become CO and more information about CO Full Form.

So Hello friends, all of you are very welcome in this new article of our blog where I am going to share the complete information about CO along with you in all the details.

Such questions are sure to come up in many big exams. And there are many such exams in which one or two full forms are definitely asked. And many examination children have also been asked about the full form of Co.

But because of not knowing the answer, some people give the wrong answer to that question and one of your questions can also bring you first in the exam and you can also spread a mistake.

Many people will not know the full form of CO. And the Internet is a very good and fast platform to find full forms. Along with finding the full form of CO, the question will also come in your mind that what is Co after all? How are co formed?

Many more questions related to CO will start coming in your mind. But I will clear all those doubts here.

CO Full Form

there are a number of full forms of CO but we will discuss the most popular CO full form in detail.. Because CO has different meanings in many services. For example, CO has different meanings in police lines.

CO has different meaning and full form in different fields computer line.  But the most popular CO full form that is widely used and recognized is – “Circle Officer

Who is CO?

Circle as the name itself suggests that an area (area, city) is being spoken about. And from the officer, you must have understood that it means officer ie CO means officer of an area (locality, city).

How to Become CO | Eligibility & More

To become a Circle Officer, the candidate has to pass the examination to be conducted by the State Public Service Commission. This exam is a provincial civil service (PCS) exam. In some states, separate examinations are held for the post of CO.

This exam is called the Circle Officer Exam. For the PCS examination conducted by the states, the candidate is required to have graduated in any stream or any equivalent qualification from a recognized university or institute.

Apart from this, one should have skill in learning, understanding, speaking, writing the language of the state.

Age Limit

For a Circle Officer, the age of the candidate should be between 21 years to 40 years. If the candidate comes from reserved category, then he is given relaxation as per rules.

Selection Process

A Circle Officer is selected by the Provincial Civil Services (PCS) Examination. The Circle Officer is selected by written examination (preliminary), the written examination (main), and personal interview.

If he performs well in all three exams then his name appears in the merit list. Candidates are selected on the basis of marks obtained in merit. The post is decided on the basis of marks.

After this, they are provided with the necessary training. After successfully training, they are selected as Circle Officers in a designated area.

Other Full Forms/Abbreviations of CO

  • CO – Company
  • CO – Cobalt
  • CO – Carbon Monoxide
  • CO – Corrections Officer
  • CO – Crematory Operator
  • Customization Operator
  • CO – Cargo Operations
  • CO – Contracting Officer
  • CO – City Ordinance
  • CO – Commissioner’s Office
  • CO – Community Organizers
  • CO – Charge Off
  • Certified Orthotist
  • Cardiac Output

Wrapping Up

In this post, I tried covering everything related to CO including CO full form. Now, it’s your turn. Give this nice post a favor by sharing it with your friends.

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