CD & DVD Full Form – What is the Full Form of CD & DVD?

Today I are going to tell you the full form of CD & DVD (CD & DVD full form).  If you also want to know about CD and DVD, then you are reading the right post. Also I will tell you the difference between CD and DVD.

CD Full Form

CD Full Form - Compact Disk

The full form of CD is Compact Disc. CD is a small disc made up of plastic. It is an optical medium that saves our digital data. The CD was invented by James T. Russell of America. In which data was saved in digital form on optical transparent foil.

Sony and Philips licensed James’s patent in 1980 and commercially began making CDs in 1982. The Sony company launched the world’s first CD audio player (CDP-101) in 1982. There was a time when reel cassettes were used.

The invention of the CD completely eliminated the cassette. 700 MB of data can be saved in a standard CD. The sensor in the CD drive reads the reflected light from the dot of the CD. And creates an image in our device.

The CD was originally developed to store and play only sound recording. But later it was developed for data storage. The CD is a 4.75 inch portable device.

You can easily take it anywhere. The data that is stored in it can be anything like – audio, video, text files etc.

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DVD Full Form

DVD Full Form - Digital Versatile Disk

Only up to 700 MB of data could be stored in a CD which could store only 120 minutes of video. And multiple compact discs were required to store a movie. That’s why DVDs were invented to store more data. DVD is a better form of CD.

The DVDs were produced by different companies. The first company to produce DVDs were Panasonic, Philips, Sony and Toshiba. These companies created the first DVD player in 1995. But the DVD was not released simultaneously.

It was released in countries in different years. Released in Japan in November 1996, in the US in March 1997, it was released in Europe in October 1998, and in Australia in February 1999.

DVD mainly stores large data. So you can store a large amount of data in it. DVD driver is required to use DVD. And in a good quality DVD, we can store 2 hours of movie.

Single Side Layer has a capacity of 4.7 GB, Single Side Double Layer has a capacity of 8.5 GB, Double Layer Single Side has a capacity of 9.4 GB, Double Layer Double Side has a capacity of 17.08 GB.

Difference Between CD & DVD

There is no major difference between CDs and DVDs, just the difference between the two is found based on their capacity. So now you know what is the difference between CD and DVD:

  • The CD uses only one layer. DVD 2 uses the same layer. Due to which the capacity of DVD is high.
  • DVDs have 6 times more memory capacity than CDs.
  • DVDs are used for movies and software. CDs are mostly used for music albums and commercial data.
  • The DVD Higher Density uses a laser-sorted web for recording and reading. CD is only single side, it uses data storage using only one layer.
  • Both CD and DVD can be played in a DVD player. Whereas the CD player only plays CDs.

Other Full Forms of CD

Full formCategory
Cable DriverMilitary
Canadian DollarCurrencies
Can’t DeliverGeneral Business
Cardiovascular DiseasePhysiology
Career DevelopmentGeneral Business
Cause of DeathPhysiology
Celine DionFamous & Celebs
Cendant CorporationNYSE Symbols
Central DistrictCommunity
Certificate of DepositStock Exchange
Change DirectoriesGeneral Computing
Change DirectoryGeneral Computing
Child DevelopmentDevelopment
Christian DiorFamous & Celebs
Circuit DesignElectronics
Civil DefenseMilitary
Collect DataUnclassified
Collision DetectionMilitary
Communications DepartmentGeneral Business
Communications DivisionPolice
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Conference on DisarmamentMilitary
Content DeliveryInternet
Continuing DevelopmentEducational
Control DataMilitary
Counter DrugMilitary
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Cross DresserChat
Democratic Republic of the CongoCountries

Other Full Forms of DVD

Full formCategory
DA Video DAPEGeneral
Dad’s Volcanic DestructionGeneral
Dangerously Vindictive DamperGeneral
Death Valley DaysNews & Media
Deliciously Varied DataGeneral
Delta Velocity DisplayNASA
Dependable Video DiscusGeneral
Deutsche Vereinigung für DatenschutzGermany
Deutsches Verteidigungs DienstGeneral
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Digital Verifiable DiscGeneral
Digital Video DeviceMilitary
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Digital Virus DiseaseGeneral
Dinner Video DiaryInternet
Diploma in Venerology & DermatologyCourses
Direct Vendor DeliveryMilitary
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Dolby Video DiskGeneral
Double Volume DiskElectronics
Dover Downs Entertainment, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Drink Very DrunkGeneral
Drug versus DiseaseDiseases
Drugs and Vice DivisionPolice
Dual View DisplayHardware
Dumb Video DucksGeneral
Dumb Vs. DumberGeneral

Wrapping Up

In this post, I tried covering everything related to CD & DVD including the full form of CD & DVD (CD & DVD full form). Now it’s your turn. Give this nice post a favor by sharing it with your friends.

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