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What is CB, what is the meaning of CB, CB full form, what does CB mean, what is the full form of CB? Expand full name of CB. What does CB stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding CB including CB full form.

CB Full Form

Carte Bleue

Carte Bleue (English: Blue Card) was a major debit card payment system operating in France. Unlike Visa Electron or Maestro debit cards, Carte Bleue allowed transactions without requiring authorization from the cardholder’s bank. In many situations, the card worked like a credit card but without fees for the cardholder. The system has now been integrated into a wider scheme called CB or carte bancaire (“banking card”). All Carte Bleue cards were part of CB, but not all CB cards were Carte Bleue.

CB Full Form in Banking

Central Bank

A Central Bank is a financial institution given privileged control over the production and distribution of money and credit for a nation or a group of nations. In modern economies, the central bank is usually responsible for the formulation of monetary policy and the regulation of member banks.

CB Full Form in Electrical & Electronics

Circuit Breaker

A Circuit Breaker is an exchanging gadget that interferes with the irregular or shortcomings current. It is a mechanical gadget that upsets the progression of high size (shortcoming) current and furthermore, plays out the capacity of a switch. The circuit breaker is principally intended for the end or opening of an electrical circuit, accordingly shields the electrical framework from harm.

CB Full Form in Texting/Messaging

Call Back

This term is used when someone wants to say you for calling back.

Eg: I will call back after 1 hour.

CB Full Form in Science (Chemistry)

Conduction Band

The Conduction Band is the band of electron orbitals that electrons can jump up into from the valence band when excited. When the electrons are in these orbitals, they have enough energy to move freely in the material.

Other Full Forms of CB

Full FormCategoryTerm
Commonwealth BankBankingCB
Cash BoxBankingCB
Cute BoyMessagingCB
Ciao BabyMessagingCB
Chat BoardMessagingCB
Clueless BoyMessagingCB
Cumulative BulletinAccounts and FinanceCB
ChargebackAccounts and FinanceCB
Center of BuoyancySpace ScienceCB
Constant BandwidthSpace ScienceCB
Call Barring (TIA TR-34)Computer and NetworkingCB
Certification BodyComputer and NetworkingCB
Citizen BandComputer and NetworkingCB
Call BackTelecommunicationCB
Microsoft Clean Boot FileFile TypeCB
Command ButtonSoftwaresCB
Conduction BandChemistryCB
Circuit BreakerElectronicsCB
Carbon BlackElectronicsCB
Coldwell BankerBankingCB
Corrected BalanceBankingcb
Corporation BankBankingCB

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