CAP Full Form & Meaning | What Does CAP Stand For?

What is CAP, what is the meaning of CAP, CAP full form, what does CAP mean, what is the full form of CAP? Expand the full name of CAP. What does NABL stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding CAP including CAP full form.

CAP Full Form in Banking - Chip Authentication Program

Chip Authentication Program (CAP) is a MasterCard initiative. It is a form of two-factor authentication, as because a smart card and a valid PIN must exist for the transaction to succeed.

CAP Full Form in Religious Organizations

Christian Appalachian Project

Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) is an interdisciplinary Christian organization established in Appalachia, United States.

Canadian Action Party Full Form in Politics

Canadian Action Party

Canadian Action Party (CAP) is a Canadian federal political party in Canada.

Other Full Forms of CAP

Full FormCategoryTerm
Carrier-less Amplitude modulation Phase modulationComputer and NetworkingCAP
Columbia Appletalk PackageNetworkingCAP
Client Access ProtocolNetworkingCAP
Competitive Access ProviderNetworkingCAP
Ventura Publisher Caption FileFile TypeCAP
Compressed Music FileFile TypeCAP
Session Capture File (procomm – Telix)File TypeCAP
Common Aftermarket ProtocolSoftwaresCAP
Collaborative Analytical ProcessingSoftwaresCAP
Custom Application ProgramSoftwaresCAP
Channel Assembly ProgramSoftwaresCAP
CHATRAPURIndian Railway StationCAP
Carrierless Amplitude PhaseElectronicsCAP
Combined Analog and PulsativeElectronicsCAP
Competency Assessment ProgramAccounts and FinanceCAP
Customer Approved PaymentAccounts and FinanceCAP
CapacitySpace ScienceCAP
Ccms (checkout, Control and Monitor System) Application ProgramSpace ScienceCAP
Computer Application ProgramSpace ScienceCAP
Contractor Acquired PropertySpace ScienceCAP
Cost Account PackageSpace ScienceCAP
Crew Activity PlanSpace ScienceCAP
Career Alignment ProfileJob TitleCAP
Career Action PlanJob TitleCAP
Career Apprenticeship ProgramJob TitleCAP
Cap HaitienAirport CodeCAP
Certified Authorization ProfessionalCertificationsCAP
Certified Analytics ProfessionalCertificationsCAP
Compressed and PackedComputer Assembly LanguageCAP
Consistency, Availability, and PartitionDatabase ManagementCAP
Casing Added ProtectionComputer HardwareCAP
Coefficients and PropertiesMathsCAP
Celebration of Athletic ParticipationSportsCAP
Civil Augmentation ProgramMilitary and DefenceCAP
Consolidated Appeals ProcessMilitary and DefenceCAP
Crisis Action PlanningMilitary and DefenceCAP

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