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In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding BSDK including BSDK full form.

BSDK Full Form

Board Software Development Kit

The Nutaq Board Software Development Kit (BSDK) is a complete set of tools that includes IP cores, Frameworks, APIs, easy-to-use GUIs, and application examples that significantly reduce the time customers spend on low value-added tasks such as programming interfaces, adjusting FPGA constraints, debugging Host drivers, etc.

On top of industry-standard board-level libraries and APIs, the BSDK includes a complete and efficient transport layer (CCE: Central Communication Engine) that both allows remote control and high-speed data exchange between Nutaq FPGA-based hardware and standard processor blades or remote computer.

BSDK Full Form in Internet Slang/Chat


This term is a kind of "gaali" in the Hindi language, and thus should not be used.

Full FormCategoryTerm
Bas Sab Dua KaroMiscBSDK
BioLink Software Development KitTechnologyBSDK

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