BFO Full Form & Meaning | What Does BFO Stand For?

What is BFO, what is the meaning of BFO, BFO full form, what does BFO mean, what is the full form of BFO? Expand the full name of BFO. What does BFO stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding BFO including BFO full form.

BFO Full Form in Trading/Share Market - BSE Futures & Options

BSE Futures & Options (BFO)

BSE Futures & Options (BFO) is one of the different order types for different segments while trading on platforms such as Zerodha, etc. Before going into it, let’s first see the segments that Zerodha offers trading.

The various segments are:

  • NSE: for NSE Equity
  • NFO: for NSE Futures & Options
  • BSE: for BSE Equity
  • BFO: for BSE Futures & Options
  • MCX: for Commodities
  • CDS: for NSE Currency Derivative Segment

BFO Full Form in Academic & Science Terms

Bacterial Foraging Optimization

Bacterial Foraging Optimization (BFO) is a recently developed nature-inspired optimization algorithm, which is based on the foraging behavior of E. coli bacteria. Up to now, BFO has been applied successfully to some engineering problems due to its simplicity and ease of implementation. However, BFO possesses a poor convergence behavior over complex optimization problems as compared to other nature-inspired optimization techniques. This paper first analyzes how the run-length unit parameter of BFO controls the exploration of the whole search space and the exploitation of the promising areas. Then it presents a variation on the original BFO, called the adaptive bacterial foraging optimization (ABFO), employing the adaptive foraging strategies to improve the performance of the original BFO.

BFO Full Form in Internet Chat Slang

Blinding Flash of the Obvious

Best Friend at Office

BFO Full Form in Forest Department

Black Forest Observatory

BFO Full Form in Police Department

Bureau of Field Operations

BFO Full Form in Medical Terms

Balanced Forearm Orthosis

BFO Full Form in Canada

Bereaved Families of Ontario

Full FormCategoryTerm
Biltmore Forest OverdriveForestBFO
Beat Frequency OscillatorElectronicsBFO
Blood-forming OrgansSpace ScienceBFO
Buffalo RangeAirport CodeBFO
Brake Force OneBicycle Braking SystemBFO
Beat Frequency OscillatorMarineBFO
Business Financial OfficerJobs & BusinessBFO
Chiredzi Buffalo Range airportRegional Airport CodeBFO
Blackrock Florida Municipal 2020 Term TrustNASDAQ SymbolBFO

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