ATM Full Form | What is ATM?

What is ATM, what is the meaning of ATM, ATM full form, what does ATM mean, what is the full form of ATM? Expand the full name of ATM. What does ATM stand for? Is it an acronym or abbreviation?

In this post, I am gonna answer your queries regarding ATM.

ATM Full Form - Automated Teller Machine

We often use ATMs. But we do not know it. What is the full form of ATM? Often people ask us about ATMs to get money from ATMs. So let us know today. ATM Full Form which is “Automated Teller Machine”.

ATM Full Form in Internet Slang / Texting & Chatting

At The Moment

This term is used to tell about the current situation/scenario. Like if you are reading a book and someone asks you "what are you doing?", you can say "I am reading a book at the moment."

ATM Full Form in Science/Chemistry



ATM Full Form in Sex

Ass To Mouth

Other Full Forms of ATM

Full FormCategoryTerm
Advanced Test ModuleElectronicsATM
Air Traffic ManagementMilitary & DefenceATM
Automatic Timing MechanismElectronicsATM
Automatic Teller MachineBankingATM
Across The MilesMessagingATM
At The MomentMessagingATM!
AltamiraAirport CodeATM
Asynchronous Transfer ModeInformation TechnologyATM
Automated Teller MachineBankingATM
At the momentInternet SlangATM
Automated Transmissions MachineTelecommunicationATM
Adobe Type Manager Related FileFile TypeATM
Automated Telephone ManagerSoftwaresATM
ALTAGRAMIndian Railway StationATM

Wrapping Up

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