ASP Full Forms – What is ASP Full Form & Meaning?

Friends, how do you all? I hope that it will be alright. In this article, we will talk about ASP Full Form, so let’s start with what is ASP and what is ASP Full Form?

Before you know ASP Full Form, let us know what does ASP is mean and then we’ll know the ASP full form.

So friends, see now ASP Full Form is widely used for “Assistant Superintendent of Police“, “Active Server Page” and “Application Service Provider.”

Another ASP full form is Active Server Page. It is also used a lot, so let us know what doe it mean?

Friends, it means that whatever you are viewing on the Internet website, everything that runs in it is called a server, if this server is running now, then we will call it Active Server and friends, all the pages have been created on this server. And if this server page is running then we will call it ASP Full Form “Active Server Page”

Right now friends, there is another ASP Full Form which is used a lot and that is Application Service Provider and friends, let’s know what it means below so that you too can understand it and use it at any time.

ASP Full Form in Indian Legal System

In India, the most popular and widely used full form of ASP is Assistant Superintendent of Police. This is a rank given to a person in Indian Police.

ASP Full Form in Programming Languages

Active Server Pages (ASP), also known as Classic ASP or ASP Classic, was Microsoft’s first server-side script-engine for dynamically generated web pages.

ASP Full Form in Business Management

The Application Service Provider (ASP) is a third party or company that makes software and applications accessible to individuals or enterprises via the Internet.

ASP Full Form in Programming & Development

Answer set programming (ASP) is a form of programming oriented toward difficult search problems. This argument is based on the semantic model (answer set) semantics. In ASP, search problems are reduced to compute static models, and the answer set solver – the program to create static models – is used to perform searches.

ASP Full Form in Chemistry

Aspartic acid (abbreviated as Asp or D; Sx or B represents either aspartic acid or asparagine) is an α-amino acid with the chemical formula HOOCCH (NH2) CH2COOH. Carboxylate onion, salt or ester of aspartic acid is known as aspartate. The L-isomer of aspartate is one of 20 proteinogenic amino acids, that is, the building blocks of proteins.

ASP Full Form in Water Sports

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) is the governing body for professional surfers and is dedicated to showcasing the world’s best talent in various progressive formats.

ASP Full Form in Economics

The term ASP is also used in Economics to refer “Average Selling Price.”

It means that in Economics, ASP stands for “Average Selling Price” if you want to know other ASP full forms, try finding in the table below containing all other ASP Full Forms.

Short FormFull Form
ASPApplication Service Provider
ASPActive Server Page 
ASPAfter School Program
ASPAssociation of Surfing Professionals
ASPAssociation of Shareware Professionals
ASPAnswer Set Programming
ASPAverage Selling Price
ASPAccredited Staging Professional
ASPATM Switch Processor
ASPAuthorized Service Provider
ASPAstronomical Society of the Pacific
ASPApplication Server Process 
ASPAfter Show Party
ASPAdvanced Study Program
ASPAssociation of Support Professionals
ASPApplication Service Provider 
ASPAustralian Sex Party 
ASPAkademii Sztuk Pieknych 
ASPAutomatic Savings Plan 
ASPAspartic Acid
ASPAssociate Safety Professional 
ASPAxel Springer Polska 
ASPAmerican Society of Parasitologists
ASPAll Shall Perish 
ASPAnalog Signal Processing
ASPAdvanced Sterilization Products
ASPAssessment and School Performance 
ASPAppalachia Service Project
ASPAntisocial Personality
ASPAviation Safety Program
ASPAlbus Severus Potter 
ASPAvenal State Prison 
ASPAcademic Search Premier
ASPAirspace Systems Program
ASPAdvanced Simple Profile 
ASPApplication Software Provider
ASPAutomotive Spare Parts
ASPAlpha Sigma Phi 
ASPArea Structure Plan
ASPAuxiliary Storage Pool 
ASPAdobe Stock Photo
ASPAirport Security Plan 
ASPApplication Software Platform
ASPAquatic Species Program
ASPAccess Service Provider
ASPAcademic Support Program 
ASPAcylation Stimulating Protein
ASPAmnesic Shellfish Poisoning
ASPAssociazione Italiana Psicologi 
ASPAmerican Security Project
ASPAlternate Side Parking 
ASPAmerican Solidarity Party
ASPArkansas State Parks
ASPAmerican State Papers 
ASPAssistant Superintendent of Police
ASPAlexander Street Press 
ASPApplication Service Processor
ASPAdvanced Simple Profile
ASPAuxiliary Signal Path
ASPAdvanced Services Platform
ASPAutomatic Spooling Priority
ASPAdvanced Server Package
ASPAuthorized Support Provider
ASPActive Server Page
ASPAtm Switch Processor
ASPApplication Support Process
ASPAbstract Syntax Processor
ASPAsian System Printer
ASPAdvanced Server Program
ASPAutomated Sequence Processor
ASPAbstract Service Primitives
ASPApplication Support Program
ASPApple Service Provider
ASPanti Shock Protection
ASPAuxiliary Storage Pool
ASPApplication Server Portal
ASPApplication Server Platform
ASPAppletalk Session Protocol
ASPActive Splitting Point
ASPAudio Serial Port
ASPAccess Security Program
ASPAssisted Services Program
ASPAssociated Schools Project
ASPApplication Service Provisioning
ASPAgence Science-Presse 
ASPAnnual Service Plan
ASPAll Star Performance
ASPActors’ Shakespeare Project
ASPAmmunition Supply Point
ASPAfrican Studies Program
ASPAmerican Self-Protection 
ASPAdditional Support Programme
ASPAmerican School of Paris
ASPApple System Profiler
ASPAttestation de Spécialisation Professionnelle 
ASPAmerican Society for Photobiology
ASPApplication Specific Products
ASPApplied Sports Psychology
ASPAmerican Society of Pharmacognosy
ASPAppleTalk Session Protocol 
ASPArea Science Park
ASPApplication Solution Provider
ASPAssociation of Subspecialty Professors
ASPAmes Straw Poll 
ASPAlkaline Surfactant Polymer 
ASPApplication Specific Processor
ASPAtmospheric Science Program
ASPAmerican Society of Photographers
ASPAcademy of Students of Pharmacy
ASPApproved Service Provider
ASPAgouti-Signaling Protein
ASPAnti-Submarine Patrol
ASPApplied Science Programme 
ASPAdvanced Signal Processor
ASPAssociation of Service Providers
ASPAlternative Service Provider
ASPAlternative Sentencing Program
ASPAccounting Service Provider
ASPAnnual Support Plan 
ASPAnti Skip Protection
ASPAmerican Society of Papyrologists
ASPAgence de Service et de Paiement
ASPArmy Space Command
ASPArmy Suggestion Program
ASPArc Spraying 
ASPAfter School Prison
ASPAdvanced Stokes Polarimeter
ASPAmerican Selling Price
ASPAlbany Student Press 
ASPAssociation of Sales Professionals
ASPAsamblea por la Soberanía de los Pueblos 
ASPActuarial Standards of Practice
ASPAudit Service Provider
ASPAircraft Servicing Platform
ASPAdditional Special Pay 
ASPAbstract Service Primitive 
ASPAmerican Society of Perfumers
ASPAttached Support Processor
ASPAutomated System Project
ASPAmerican Society for Plasticulture
ASPSyrian Arab Socialist Party
ASPAircraft Self Protection
ASPAmsterdam SGML Parser 
ASPAnnual Service Practice
ASPAdvanced Scholars Program 
ASPAdvisory Services Panel
ASPAccident Sequence Precursor
ASPAuthorized Solutions Provider
ASPAwareness during Sleep Paralysis 
ASPAustralasian Society for Psychophysiology 
ASPAmerican Scientific Products
ASPAstronaut Support Personnel
ASPAviation Screening Program 
ASPAmerican Soy Products 
ASPAlamo Square Press 
ASPApplication Support Provider
ASPAir Systems Program 
ASPAuto Social Poster
ASPArray Sonic Processing Report
ASPAssociate Supervisor Program
ASPAggregated Switch Procurement
ASPArrival Sequencing Program
ASPAcquisition Systems Protection
ASPAlice Springs, 
ASPAdvanced Service Platform
ASPAttitude Sensor Package 
ASPAnnual Education Plan
ASPAssociação Saúde em Português
ASPAustralian Shooters Party
ASPAdvanced Strip and Passivation 
ASPAddressable Scan Port
ASPAlternate Stock(ing) Point
ASPAuthor Signing Practices
ASPAdjunct Service Point 
ASPAuxiliary Signal Path 
ASPAccredited Service Partner
ASPAruba Stacking Protocol 
ASPApplication Service Part 
ASPAll Source Production
ASPAnterior Stromal Puncture
ASPAssignment Source Point
ASPAssociation of Software Professionals
ASPAluminum Steel Polyethylene
ASPAutomatic Snow Pillow
ASPApplication Service Protocols 
ASPAdvanced Sensing Products
ASPAsbestos Services Partnership Ltd 
ASPAccreditation Support Package
ASPAcquisition Strategy Process
ASPAdvanced Speech Processor
ASPAeronautical Surveillance Panel 
ASPAwful Stock Pick
ASPAirborne Sensor Platform
ASPAdvanced System Planning
ASPAir Support Party
ASPAcoustic Surface Plasmon 
ASPAttached Shuttle Payload
ASPAccident Statistics Program 
ASPArmy Strategic Plan
ASPAssociation-Storing Processor
ASPAutomated Small Purchase
ASPAssigned Speed Potential 
ASPAssociation Service Providers
ASPAnalysis Specification Package
ASPAuger Sputter Profiling
ASPAperture Stacked Patch 
ASPArmy Supply Plant
ASPAcute Suppurative Pancreatitis
ASPAlarms and Shutdown Process
ASPAccredited Security Parameter
ASPAvionics Status Panel
ASPAirmobile Support Party
ASPAutonomous Strike Platform
ASPAuto-Speed Port
ASPAvionics Simulation Package
ASPAustralian Siesta Party
ASPAuto Sequence Program
ASPAnti Syphon Pipe
ASPAircrew Status Program
ASPAviation Supply Point
ASPAutomatic Switch to Protection
ASPAFSCN Scheduling Program
ASPAir Start Pressure
ASPAuxiliary Storage and Playback
ASPAttestation de Séjour Provisoire
ASPAffordable System Performance
ASPAutomated Schedule Procedure
ASPArray/Airborne Signal Processor
ASPAdministrative Site Procedures
ASPAuxiliary Service Processor
ASPAbbreviated System Paper
ASPAccelerated String Processor
ASPAcquisition Strategy Panel/Plan/Paper
ASPAugmented Sensory Perception
ASPAdjacent Subcarrier Permutation
ASPAuthorized Staffing Pattern/Plan
ASPAirborne Signal Processor
ASPÁreas Silvestres Protegida 
ASPAdvanced Strategic Penetrator
ASPAvailable Spam Protection
ASPAdvanced Strike Plot
ASPAdvertising, Sponsorships, & Promotion
ASPAlan Smithee Project
ASPAmerican Society of Photogrammetry 
ASPAction Solutions Placements

I hope you would be able to find your prefrred ASP full form and thus enjoyed reading this post. I would love if you could share it with your friends as well.

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