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ASI Full Form

ASI full form is “Assistant Sub-Inspector“. An assistant sub-inspector is a non-gazetted police officer, who is above the police head constable and below a sub-inspector in the police forces of India.

The rank insignia for an ASI is a star and a red and blue striped ribbon on the outer edge of the shoulder straps. Let us go ahead and provide you a little more detail about it.

Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) is a non-gazetted police officer. Which is ranked above a police head constable and below a sub-inspector in the police forces of India. In India’s police forces, an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) is a non-gazetted / non-gazetted police officer.

He may be an investigating officer, however, most often, an inspector or a deputy superintendent of police is made an investigating officer. ASIs are often officers in charge of police outposts or “ferry” and investigation centers.

What is ASI?

Friends, if we talk about the police field, then here we talk for your information that ASI is a full form of Assistant Sub-Inspector, and in it means Assistant Sub-Inspector. In India’s police forces, an assistant sub-inspector is a non-gazetted police officer.

One who ranks above a police head constable and below a sub-inspector. The rank insignia for an ASI is a star. Which has a red and blue striped ribbon on the outer edge of the shoulder straps.

He may be an investigating officer; But most of the times, it is important for you to know that an inspector or a police sub-inspector is made an investigating officer.

ASIs are often the officers in charge of police posts and investigation centers. It is an entry rank in officer grade in Police and Paramilitary services, usually in charge of Border Patrol Platoon in Border Security Forces like ASI BSF, ITBP and others.

The Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) is the backbone of the force in the CISF as they are the main intermediaries between the team in the field and the control room.

Therefore, his main job is to keep the force running smoothly so that it can fulfill its stated objective without any hassle, the major roles and responsibilities played by an Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) in the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) are as follows –

  • Airport Security – This is the most common view of any CISF personnel because so many people use it every day. ASIs exist to provide last mile security to airports connecting various parts of our country.
  • Industrial Security – This is another objective of the force and this was actually the main reason why the force was created in the first place. It provides security services to public sector industrial locations across the country, with ASIs typically deployed in these areas.
  • Search Operation – Being in the police means that you need to have the authority to search for a suspect, and once you get orders from higher-ups, ASI can carry out these operations at their place of duty But they are usually supervised by the sub-inspector at the time of the search operation.
  • Power of Seizure – This is another area where ASI comes in handy as they have to search and seize any suspect for preventive detention at any place. Supervised by sub-inspectors, they must seize anything that is illegally in possession of suspicious persons.
  • Clerical duties – Although this job is mostly about field jobs, but there are opportunities to be in a desk job as well, but there you have to do clerical work like any other government offices, you have to maintain files of various operations, administrative matters, etc. have to keep.

After joining the CISF as an ASI, you are liable to be promoted to the post of Sub Inspector, mainly after five years of continuous service, however, the chances of such promotion are quite low, as regional security Promotional exercises are done on the basis of, and you are very unlikely to get your first publicity before a minimum of 7-8 years of service.

Along with departmental exams, there are examinations to speed up the process, but there too the seniority factor comes into play and it becomes difficult to move to the next level.

The best part of becoming an Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) in the CISF is the distinction of being associated with one of the best paramilitary forces in the world.

However, it is a field job and does not have much perquisites like other central government jobs. But you can earn a lot of respect and a good salary while working as an ASI with one of India’s most reputed military organization.

How can you identify Police Officer in ASI rank. Let’s know, the rank insignia for an ASI is a star with a red and blue striped ribbon on the outer edge of the shoulder straps.

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Another Full Form of ASI

ASI stands for “Archaeological Survey of India“. It operates under the Ministry of Culture. It is the premier organization for archaeological research and preservation of the country’s cultural heritage. It is mainly responsible for the maintenance of ancient monuments, archaeological sites and remains of national importance.

In addition, it regulates archaeological functions as per the provisions of Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958. In short, we can say that its purpose is to explore, excavate, preserve, preserve and conserve monuments and various important national and international sites.

The first systematic archaeological and historical discovery in India was conducted by the Asiatic Society. This society was founded on January 15, 1784 by the British Indologist; He put together a group of antiquarians to form this society.

The Office of the Director General, Archaeological Survey is known as the Headquarters or Directorate Office. It serves as a control center for all activities and functions of the Archaeological Survey of India.

To perform its duties or archaeological functions, the ASI has divided the country into various regions known as mandalas. Currently, there are 24 regional boards and 5 regional directorates.

The ASI has a substantial workforce of trained archaeologists, conservatories, scientists and epigraphists for conducting archaeological research projects through its circle, museums and excavation branches.

The Archaeological Survey of India, established in 1861, is an attached office under the Ministry of Culture dedicated to the preservation, preservation and preservation of national monuments.

It is a multi-disciplinary organization which includes exploration and quarrying, chemical conservation, horticulture operations, museums, underwater archeology, prehistory branch, epigraphy, publications, etc.

With the expansion of the survey, the scope and scope of activities of all branches has increased. Increasingly, to date, there are 3667 centrally protected monuments, including 22 World Heritage Monuments / Sites.

The Archaeological Survey of India handled archaeological monuments of national importance in Goa from 1968, the Office of Conservation Assistant was created in the year 1964 under the control of Aurangabad Circle.

There are 21 monuments under the Goa circle where conservation and preservation work is being done. In 1984, Mini Circle, Goa was created under the leadership of a dye, the Superintending Archaeologist.

The Archaeological Museum in Old Goa was established in 1964 at the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi. In 1981–82 the museum was completely reorganized and reorganized in 1983 before meeting the head of state general money. From 01.04.1998, the Archaeological Museum in Old Goa was merged with Mini Circle, Goa.

The Superintendent archaeologist, Mini Circle was also the head of the office for the Archaeological Museum, Old Goa. Again on 01.04.2010, the Archaeological Museum in Old Goa was made an independent office and the Deputy Superintending Archaeologist has been created as an independent officer to oversee the museums under the Western Region.

The Horticulture Branch is also located in Old Goa, which maintains the lawns and landscaping of churches and convergence to enhance its surroundings. However, the science branch at Aurangabad is still looking after conservation work in Goa.

Finally in December 2005, the Mini Circle, Goa was upgraded to a full-fledged Goa Circle with a Superintending Archaeologist. The state of Goa has 21 centrally protected monuments measuring an area of ​​3702 square kilometers.

Other Known/Possible Full Forms of ASI

Advance Segment Insight

Advanced Sort Industries

All Source Intelligence

Accreditation Services International

Agribusiness Systems International

Assistant Sub Inspector

Agenzia Spaziale Italiana

Automation Systems Interconnect

Air Speed Indicator

Anxiety Sensitivity Index

Arts Services Initiative

Arts and Sciences – Interdisciplinary

Agri Synthesis, Inc.

Advertising Specialty Institute

American Share Insurance, Incorporated

Al Shugart International

Axiom Sect Incorporated

Aerospace Sales Industries, Inc.

Air Serv International

Avocet Systems, Incorporated

Allglass Systems Incorporated

Advanced Solutions International

American Specialties Incorporated

Associated Students Incorporated

Automatic Systems Incorporated

Administrative Solutions Inc

ARP Services Inc

Advanced Services Inc

Associated Students Inc

Advertising Specialty Industry

Automatic Scanning Input

Atv Safety Institute

American Swedish Institute

American Sanitation Institute

Adam Smith Institute

American Share Insurance

American Strategic Insurance

Air Salvage International

Advanced Solutions, Inc.

Advanced Secure Issuance

Artistic Skin Illustrations

Additional Skill Identifier

Army Space Institute

Alarm Status Indicator

Additional Skill Indicator

Assign and Display Switch Initialization

Agricultural Stress Index

Augmented Space Igniter

Advanced Server Interface

Asynchronous Serial Interface

American SIDS Institute

Any Soldier, Inc.

American Safety Insurance Group, LTD.

Architects and Surveyors Institute

American Society of Indexers

Adrenal Stress Index

Addiction Severity Index

Assistant Sub-Inspecter

Aerospace Science Instructor

Assessment Section Item

Advertising Speciality Institute

Advertizing Specialties Institute

Advertising Specialties International

Advertising Specialties Institute

Authorized Supplier Instpector

Aviation Safety Inspector

Architect Supplemental Instructions

Architect’s Supplemental Instructions

Airspeed Indicator

Autocad Sql Interface

Actuator Sensor Interface

Assembler Include file

Advanced Solutions, Incorporated

Assessment Systems, Inc.

Arhivele Statului IaI

Adult Ski Improvement

American Society for Indexing

Artemis Society International

Actuarial Society of India

Association of Surgeons of India

Authorized Service Interruption

Artificial Super-Intelligence

Aircraft Security International

Alertus Satisfaction Index

Aging Sexual Icon

Automatic Switch Interface

Absolute Strength Indicator

American Sheep Industry

Applied Scientific Instrumentation

Audiophile Sound innovations

Additional Skill Indentifier

Advanced Security Initiative

Addiction Screening Index

Automatic Semicolon Insertion


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