ACP, DCP Full Form

Both these posts of ACP and DCP fall under the Police Department, both these posts are a respectable post, which people have to work very hard to get, after which they are able to get this post.

Those who get both these positions are awarded with respect as well as good salary. If you also want to know about ACP, DCP then here is what you mean by ACP, DCP Full Form and ACP, DCP. Detailed information is being provided.

DCP Full Form

The full form of DCP is “Deputy Commissioner of Police”. It is called “Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Police” in Hindi language. Ashok Pillar and 3 stars are attached to the police uniform given to the person who has received this post.

The DCP is identified only from these stars on uniforms, because in many places the SSP is called the DCP, in many places the SP is called the Deputy Commissioner of Police but in these places the uniform of the policemen called the ACP There is only one star attached to the pillar.

Only officers of the Indian Police Service (IPS) or State Police Service are selected by promotion to the post of DCP. The DCP officer is identified with 1 star under the Ashoka Pillar on his uniform.

In districts or metro cities that have a commissioner system, the post of DCP is equivalent to SP (Superintendent of Police) in those cities. Small districts or cities do not have a post of DCP, in these districts there is a post of SP who heads the police force there. [DCP Full form in Police]

ACP Full Form

The full form of ACP is “Assistant Commissioner of Police” and it is called “Assistant Commissioner of Police” in Hindi language. It is a post attached to IPS which is under the state police. The person receiving the post of ACP is given a job in the Departments of Income Tax Department, Cell Tax Department etc.

There is only an ACP, who is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining law and order in his area and to prevent any violent incidents happening in the area.

To help with all these incidents, the ACP along with the police of all the police stations in its area, which the ACP can call for help anywhere, but you have to get the IPS exam conducted by the UPSC to get this position. To achieve success in After this, when you have promotion, you will get the post of ACP.

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ACP, DCP salary

An ACP and DCP are paid a salary of Rs 70,000 to Rs 1,00,000 per month from the government. Along with this, ACP is also provided free accommodation for lodging, carriage and servant.

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